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[Finished] The Once and Future King Unreal Environment

Hi Everyone!

This is my attempt at creating a unique and memorable AAA-looking environment in Unreal Engine 4; created for my Masters Project. 

All feedback is welcome!

'The Once and Future King' can be found on ArtStation: 


The cinematics for the level can be found here:


  • teodar23
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    For your next project i suggest using less fog. It makes everything hard to see and its unrealistic. Unless you are doing a sandstorm its to be avoided or used more subtle.
    But the biggest problem is the lighting. Because you've used dynamic lighting, it looks very flat in most places and a bit better where you placed fill lights. Its hard to make the dynamic lighting look good so i would have used baked lighting at least for the central piece.
    Also, the position of the sun doesnt match the light color.
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