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[Substance Painter] Hoping to create macro or script for infinitely repeated part of my process

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A large bulk of my coloring process is to make a fill layer, give it a black mask, add a 3D distance generator, then a light generator set to multiply above it. Finally I often add a paint layer on top of those two to manually tweak the mask as a final step. Many other things often change once I have that setup, but my substance painter files all have hundreds of layers with this exact start as a base. I would really like to automate creating this starting point for a new color mask.

It would be nice to be able to set the default values of these generators as well, perhaps that's something I could do independently of this that would speed up the process (default distance generator radius to like .15, default highlight glossiness of light generator to .7, attenuation of light generator to 0)

Sadly on initial investigation, making layers and assigning generators does not seem to be something that can be automated with substance painter. Is my only solution to use something like autohotkey to click various parts of my screen to accomplish this? That would be subject to breaking with any UI updates, different resolutions, etc etc and would be annoying to maintain probably.

My one other solution I've used in the past is to have one of these layers that I copy and paste every time I make a new layer, but this gets annoying when performing other operations and then having to like scroll to the bottom of the list to copy the blank one, which of course must also be left not visible, or if I keep it on the top then having to drag each new layer around. The copy paste method also doesn't work well on projects with many multiple UV sets which is common for me.

I'll say for any Substance Painter dev checking this that the other thing that would immensely speed up and make more enjoyable my process is a 3D gizmo for positioning the 3D distance node in the 3D viewport rather than 3 sliders for X, Y, and Z, that often bear little relation to anything for my organic sculpts often at some kind of tilt due to being landscape pieces that merge perfectly with others, etc etc. 


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