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Dunmer from TES - beginner sculpt

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Hi, I start using Zbrush about 3 weeks ago, I try to practice at least 1-2 hours everyday. For now I focus on head sculpting only, most of all I'm struggling to get eyes right :)
It's first time I felt I did some of the anatomy features correctly, or maybe I didn't, I don't know.. the sculpt is very rough of course, especially the neck part, it needs a lot of work.
Your feedback will be really appreciated. 


  • kanga
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    kanga sublime tool
    Nice smooth sculpt.
    A great help is to use a program like Daz3D (its free) as a starting point reference. Just place it on a monitor next to your work screen.

    You can customize the figure and even use a dev model to show forms without the main textures. You can make orthographic screenshots for use in zBrush as image planes.

    Once you have the basic figure you can work on the character.

  • mandragorasprouts
    Thanks for advise! I always use pureref as reference sheet,but using 3d view will be really  helpful
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