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[Finished] Walther MPK

Hello people.

Recently finished this old cold war era German SMG. There is a longer MPL version, but I really like small SMGs with foldable stocks so I stuck to the more compact model.

Any feedback etc is massively appreciated.

A turntable and viewer is also available on my Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/j3dj.





  • pixelpatron
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    pixelpatron interpolator
    Looks dope, Materials could use a little more love, just needs a little more edge wear and some minor separation of materials for the rivets, and misc details. *Really digging the edge wear reference on this guy, a lot of the raised elements have shown through depending on the heavier use in those areas; thus eroding the finish, something I feel is lacking on your model. 

  • sacboi
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    sacboi polycount lvl 666

    Can't fault accuracy but as mentioned, slightly more emphasis on material application/research would certainly lift this from a rather generic aesthetic too the next level.
  • MightyMorphin
    Thanks for the feedback @pixelpatron and @sacboi.

    I have a tenancy of overdoing wear to the point it becomes too noisy. As a result I did try and dial it back a bit but it appears I might have dialed it back a bit too much.

    Funnily I somehow never thought of looking at other similar guns for reference lmao.
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