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90s Interior Pack

When you wanna feel a little of the 90s vibes.
It's only possible with 3D  :)
HD shots >>> https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Kr1WB4


  • switz
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    switz polycounter lvl 10
    Is it just me or is none of this from the 90s? Looks more 60s-70s.
  • ChrisFraser
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    ChrisFraser polycounter lvl 3
    lol I don't know what 90's you're talking about. That fridge is like its from the 50's
  • gastrop0d
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    gastrop0d polycounter lvl 5
    Yes I would say you are missing props that are definitively from the 90s. Think of technology, products and cultural items that entered households in that decade. It depends on what kind of home you want to recreate, is it a young family with children? What part of the world are they? This will have a big impact on how much tech will be present. I can give suggestions biased towards my own 90s home:

    CD Rack
    VCR (analogue or digital with LCD)
    VHS cassettes
    Chunky beige computer with CRT display and desktop speakers (386/486/Pentium 1)
    Large near-A4 sized computer game boxes (DOOM, Sim City, Civilization, Dune II, etc)
    Dial-up MODEM
    Stack of 90s-specific magazines
    LCD stereo/analogue boom box
    SNES/Sega Genesis/Playstation 1
    Sega/Nintendo game cartridges + cases
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles posters/toys
    Board games
    Music posters (Grunge bands, Oasis, Spice Girls, boy bands, Nu Metal)
    House phone
    Skater shoes/skateboard

    In terms of the pieces you already have developed, I think the grunge is too high and uniform on the TV unit, also I think the screen would generally have more curvature on it, if you want to really push that old CRT feeling. Those old, small TVs generally had way more analogue controls on them for tuning channels, hidden underneath an openable panel on the front of the unit for convenience.   
  • EmmanuelMadehin
    Thanks a lot for the quality feedback. 
    I'll work on the project some more
  • teodar23
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    teodar23 sublime tool
    I think the "90s feel" is subjective. Yes there were crt monitors but in some parts of the world computers were very expensive. Just an example.
    Getting back at the above scene, the tv model looks a bit cartoonish. Did you have any reference for it?
    The grunge on it is very random and homogenous at the same time. Same for the fridge.
    Wood material is very rough, like something you would find in a toolshed not a normal house. Normal wood furniture is polished so quite glossy.
  • EmmanuelMadehin
     :o Nice
    I need to go back and make some adjustments

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