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Little Bird Perched - 3D recreation


Good day everybody.

If you can be so kind as to give me your feedback and critique I would appreciate it.

I wanted to recreate this art piece in 3D with some creative freedom. Link to the original art is here: https://www.mwaldelestudio.com/gallery.html?gallery=Stories+with+Toys&folio=Portfolio&sortnumber=18

I am also posting two versions, one with dark and one with light (original) background. I find that with darker background models pop more so I am partial to it.

Thank you all for your time. :) 


  • jod13
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    Looking good! I agree that the darker background is better. I would say, though, that it's a bit odd to have absolutely no scuffing anywhere in the shaded area on the rings considering the heavy damage on the lit side (maybe just one or two rings could have some similar damage in there so it doesn't look like the shaded side is way cleaner than the rest) and that the blocks have a weird difference in detail that seems illogical. In the painting the various sides look fairly even, with dark shading, but in your models the "3" and "10" are barely indented at all, while the square shape is very deeply carved and the boy and dog seem painted on the surface with no carving at all. I think it would look better and make more sense if all sides had similar levels of depth - all carved, say, 2 cm deep instead of the weird variation between the .2 cm and no depth and 4 cm. The edges on the cubes could also be a bit more blunted since there is so much wear and tear there that a perfectly sharp edge doesn't really add up, but all this critique is nitpicking - the colors look good, it's recognizable to the painting and the lighting is strong. Overall a great idea and great execution! The fat little bird is super cute :) 
  • SunnySunflower
    Hello @jod13,

    It’s awesome to get such in depth feedback. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me improve.

    All your critiques are valid and I will keep them in mind for future projects, because sadly I moved on to a different one. After you mentioned that the edges on the cubes should have more signs of wear and tear I can’t unsee it. As for the carvings on the cubes “3” and ”10” I thought there was a slight indent and that the details of the boy and the dog are painted on elements, so I guess the silver lining is that it reads like I imagined it :D . You’re totally right about the rings too, I should have added more details in the shadows. Once again thank you, you rock! 
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