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Sketchbook: Fernando Tejada

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Hello! I am a 3D game artist from Spain. I want to improve my skills so I'll try to keep this post updated with my works.

I'll leave some of my earlier works here to kickstart the post:

I joined a master degree in digital art, animation and design for videogames. There I began my journey into videogame art. Metalhalla is kind of the result of that year. It was a lot of pressure and a lot of mistakes one after another, since we didn't know anything about making games, it was all a mess. But in the end, my team (3 programmers and me) came up with this metroidvania viking-phantasy action-platformer. Here's the trailer if you guys want to check it out: Metalhalla trailer

After that, I started doing art for my portfolio, but it is still far from being any good.


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