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[Blender] Issue: My meshes jump randomly to the selected piece's origin point.

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Hi, I'm new at Blender, and the transition from 3ds Max it's being...challenging.  I configured it and installed a couple of plugins that mimic the 3ds max functionality (BlenderMax and Maxivz Interactive Tools) but I'm facing a super annoying behavior. (I've asked on the Blender subreddit, but no one answered me a few days ago)

As the title says: Whenever im working on a piece , maybe moving vertices around or smth, the other pieces that wasn't selected jump suddenly to the working piece's pivot.
This is slowing my workflow. Sometimes (not always, but often) it happenes when I'm orbiting with ALT+MMB around a piece (being in object or edit mode, sometimes when i'm merging vertices or moving them around. Last time I just loaded my file and all the pieces where cluttered and one piece origin point. The RefHuman and the floor don't move for some reason. I don¡t know if it's a bug or a hotkey Issue. it's super annoying. What is happening and futhermore, how can i fix it?


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