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Beginner: Mask with color selection

polycounter lvl 3
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TheWaningCrescent polycounter lvl 3

Hi, I requested getting help on this Substance file in trying to mask my mesh with color selection. My issue was that I have a color map and when I use the eyedropper on the mesh in Substance I cannot assign a material to either half. What I decided on, was to put this model in ZBrush and then export the maps into Substance so I could better clarify my issue this way. Unfortunately, this post does not allow me to attach both my Painter and ZBrush files but hopefully this video specifically made for this forum post will show you what my issue is. And, I'm using version 2.

Thank you!


  • rollin
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    rollin polycounter
    Not sure what you want to do.. 

    But for the start:
    - you seem to want to add a material on a paint layer which is probably not what you want. Better use a fill layer or directly drag the material and then add the mask
    - you have picked red, blue and grey as your mask colors. Which will mask both color IDs which means: everything. Check the already picked colors at your mask!  Note that you can pick multiple colors per mask and you can remove them with the "-" buttons.  
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