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Looking for 2D and 3D Artists for a Sci-Fi project

Hello, this is a school project, we're two programmers who are creating a sci-fi game taking place on different planets, we're trying to make a tower offense game. If everything goes well we're planning on taking the game to competitions and seeing if we can win any awards.

Currently we need a 2D Artist to draw some character concepts, a cover for the game, some UI elements, and some environment concepts as well, such as buildings and landscapes.

Obviously we're not going to ask a single artist to do all of those tasks, so if multiple people want to help us out we'd be glad to split those tasks between you. What I mean by this is, if you can only do character concepts or something else and want to help out only with that, that's totally fine and we'd be more than happy to have you on board.

We also need a 3D Artist, in this case to create very low poly models of troops and characters and maybe some vehicles, buildings and towers. This is not a requirement but if you're able to also animate said models it would be a huge plus, however we're not worried about animations right now.

Same as I said before about the 2D Artists, we won't ask you to do everything listed here on your own.

We can provide more information about the game itself, we have a Game Design Document alongside other documents, so feel free to ask for details.


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