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Character Study [Feedback Please]

polycounter lvl 2
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Hevri polycounter lvl 2
Looking for impruvement everyday, 
First Post, Male Anatomy Study, Still finding effective and efficient ways to sculpt this ... CNC are welcome

Timelapse video 


  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J high dynamic range
    Nice details!

    The proportions on the hands and feet seem stylized. Is that intended? Some of the other proportions are a little weird too, though maybe not outside of reality. But I think the forearm is a bit short.
  • Hevri
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    Hevri polycounter lvl 2
    @Alex Javor Thank you so much for the feedback > < really appreciated,, Hands and foot is still the complicated one for me,, hhe,,   need more study on proportion.
  • JustAfterDark
    Did you use fibermesh for the eyebrows? They look amazing.
    I agree on the hands and feet. Hands are maybe too big, fingers a bit too long? If we are going for a realistic approach, that is. Feet need more work than the hands, I would focus on that area, the rest is pretty good aside of what Alex said and maybe the trapezius is too thin, can't tell without a side view, but checking your video also shows that his posture is really forced, I don't normally stand like a super hero :P But maybe that was your intention. I don't know, is better if you share side views as well :)
    Good work!
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