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International team looking for people to work on a multiplayer life simulation game in an alternative Western setting. Esp. looking for artists to work on the vertical slice. The prototype is near completion. Compensation will be rev-share, Patreon later this year.


Hello, I am Bent from Germany. I am a husband, father and lead developer at a VR agency. Beforehand, I was working at an indie games studio and before that, I studied games and media computer science. I am working with Unreal Engine on a daily basis.

These are the released games I worked on:

Gravinator Games is an international hobby team with people from Europe and North America. The team was founded in early 2018 and we are currently 18 lovely individuals (or at least we try to be).

“Power and Fortune - Pioneers of Kalica” is a real-time multiplayer life simulation game where you run a business in a singular newly established settlement, together with (or against) up to three additional players. The game takes place in an alternative Western setting with ancient Roman and industrial influence. It draws inspiration from:

Gameplay: Guild 2, RimWorld, Anno, Settlers, Sim City

Visuals: Northgard, Firewatch, Overwatch


As mentioned before, the team was founded in early 2018. We have an art bible, some concept art, a game design ten-pager, various sections in the game design document and a nearly finished prototype. Most systems are in place and just need to be connected to a playable version with a usable interface.

The next steps are to produce more concept art, establish an art pipeline and start with modeling. After finishing the prototype, we will test it thoroughly and make sure the core game loop is fun and engaging. With this basis, we aim to create a vertical slice and start spreading the word to see where this project will finally lead us.

We will start a Patreon later this year to cover some costs.

Trello Roadmap:

Work Examples (includes Game Design Ten-Pager): 



We are looking for several motivated hands to work with us on this ambitious project.

Your skills need to be at least on a student/junior level, everybody with more experience is welcome, too, of course. As we work together on the game to have it grow and rise, there are lots of learning possibilities, creative exchange and fun with a friendly, fellow minded group of developers from different countries and backgrounds available. You can do what you are good at and/or learn more about the things you want to be good at.

We are especially looking for:

  • Concept Artists (for characters, buildings, environments, props, …)

  • 2D Artists (illustration and UI)

  • Animators

  • Game Designers

  • Unreal Engine Gameplay Programmer

You may apply for any role, we’ll review your application and see if you fit into the team.


  •  ability to communicate ideas

  • ability to work remotely for 4+ hours per week (flexible schedule, life takes precedence)

  • imagination and creativity

  • basic knowledge of the tools required (Unreal Engine 4, Blender, Photoshop/GIMP, Substance, ...)

  • knowledge of git source control for work inside UE

Contact us directly here or join our Discord:  www.discord.gg/N3WYeYf

We are looking forward to your application!


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