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Sketchbook: Rick Hoppmann (tinyworlds)

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tinyworlds keyframe
Hi! I'm a 3D Environment & Prop artist with a love for cute stuff and foliage!
Here's some of my recent 3D sketches and studies. Feedback is very much welcome!

This was a quick lil sketch after not having done 3D for some time :) Inspired by the Radlad character from Ooblets. Approached the idea of a humanized radish in my own way.

For a game design class we were asked to research a topic out of our comfort zone. We chose the topic of the wood mouse. They love to eat different kinds of nuts and seeds - leaving those characteristic holes in hazelnuts :)

Last but not least here is a study of melissa/ bee balm. This was my first time trying out the foliage workflow by Patrick Gladys. I feel like the end result turned out too noisy, but overall I learned a bunch from this!

Here is a look at the lowpoly. I put a lot of upward facing parts as the player will be mainly looking at it from above :)
And here's a look at the highpoly stems in Blender.

Thank you for looking!


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