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Modeling of "peeled off" wall (or smth like that)

polycounter lvl 2
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mantaskava polycounter lvl 2

Couldn't find the right word to describe this other than "peeled off", although I'm pretty sure there should be a better word for this. But the case looks like this:

I'm having problems with these corners marked in yellow, cannot find the right topology for it to work.

Base geo now looks like this:

After subdivision I get this:

I feel like I am missing something very obvious (and maybe not), but how do I solve this? And of course, in the end it has to have some thickness.

Thank you.


  • oglu
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    oglu ngon master
    What are you trying to model? Do you have any ref images? 
  • mantaskava
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    mantaskava polycounter lvl 2
    First image is a ref.
    Basically I am having problems with those corners pinching after subd. 
  • Tiggis
    Add a support loop Here.
  • Kanni3d
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    Kanni3d greentooth
    Needs much more geometry, not only support loops, to have a good final sub-d result. Also, add thickness to see a better result as well, since it's just a plane, and doesn't have any volume to sub-d off of.
  • mantaskava
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    mantaskava polycounter lvl 2
    Yes this is a wall sink. Thank you all, and especially FrankPolygon, for this detailed info. I'll give this a shot again as soon as I have some spare time.
  • HazardousTrio
    one doesn't see such great walk-through every day... thanks for the clear explanation  <3  
  • pachermann
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    pachermann Polycount Sponsor
    these are my favorite topisc on polycount
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