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Broken down rusted camper - critiques welcome!

This was a 3D model created for a video game that some peers and I are making for a course here at school.


  • Neija
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    Hey Camrynharris,
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the texture resolution seems to be much lower on the sides than on the front. Also, you could use some more polys for the silhouette, it looks very angular from the front.
    The wheels felt strange to me from the beginning and I think it is because they are missing wheel bolts entirely. Make sure to look at reference again here, the dirt on them is also way too even. It should accumulate more in the cavities.
    Using a proper glass shader would also help the asset and maybe putting some old curtains behind it would make it seem more like someone used to live in there.

    I don't quite understand what happens here but it looks like some generator using the curvature map. Do you have a reference that shows what this is supposed to be?

    Those are the main things that come to my mind, hope this is helpful
    Keep it up :)

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