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The Bluesmobile - Critique appreciated

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magnusvfx triangle
Hey Polycount! 
Decided to share my take of the 1974 Dodge Monaco, with the roof mounted loudspeaker, from the 1980 movie - the Blues Brothers. and hope someone will give any feedback along this work. 

Thank you for your time!


  • Misha3Dartist
    Looks good, but maybe have a version with Displacement mapped dents and a little more rust. Also share a version without the speaker on the top. Is this also viewable on Sketchfab yet?
  • magnusvfx
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    magnusvfx triangle
    Thank you for your feedback Misha3Dartist. There is no displacement used, but since I did some zbrush work (mainly on the wood parts) that I then used in substance painter to bake out the normal map, I guess I can export a DM and also add some more rust.
    Yes, I will share a version vithout the speakers on top.
    No, not yet on sketchfab, since I used vray fur on the rope.

    I will also post some ref images of the car from the movie, for comparision.

  • defragger
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    defragger sublime tool
    great work! One of the all time classic movies and movie cars imho.

    The wheels in the movie were black steel rims without the shiny caps. That looked really cool. With the caps it looks a bit weird to me.

    I suggest to work a lot more with the roughness channel on the car paint and not so much with albedo. The car was worn down especially by the end of the movie :) Less uniform rust, more dust! More contrast in roughness...

  • m00k
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    m00k polycounter lvl 2
    Looks great!

    For feedback I agree with defragger!
  • pixelpatron
  • Zott
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    Zott polycounter lvl 2
    This looks awesome, very nice work!

    I would also agree with defragger's critique and if you decide to change to black steelies, I would also want to add that the wheels ("rims", not tires) look a bit large for that year of car and the sidewall of the tire looks a lil flat, which is more of a thing for modern cars.

    I may just be seeing it wrong and you've got it all to spec (if that's the case, please forgive the following nerd shit), but if you'd like actual measurements, that car would have had HR 78-15's, so 15 inch rims with 28.4 inch total wheel diameter (from the ground to the top of the tire), 78% of tire width would have been that big rounded sidewall from rim to tire tread.

    There's that type of tire for reference if it helps, with steelies.

    If you wanted to google more reference, look up HR 78-15, or P225/75Rl5, which is a sort of close modern tire size.

    You could also make the suspension look tired/beat up like theirs was by tucking the tires into the wheel well a little more, like they are in defragger's picture.

    Sorry for the wall of text, hopefully it's helpful. I figured it maybe isn't super common knowledge stuff. Again though, nice job!
  • magnusvfx
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    magnusvfx triangle
    Thank you defragger for your feedback. I couldnt pinpoint what was wrong and weird with the car, and I have been staring myself blind looking at different ref images, but of course: the rims should be black and not shiny, so thank you for pointing that out for me :)

    Thank you so much Zott for enlighten me with that absolute fantastic nerd stuff. That sort of nerd knowledge is really valuable, just the kind of help and feedback I need.

    I will rebuild the rims and adjust the suspension, make less uniform rust, add more dust and give the roughness channel a bit more love and attention, just to make my model look a little bit more like Jake and Elwoods amazing car.

  • Bill Lumbergh
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    Bill Lumbergh polycounter
    brilliant vehicle! i love it !
  • magnusvfx
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    magnusvfx triangle
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Did some modeling and texturing of the wheels and the rims. But it takes a lot of time to get the tattered paintwork and the black teel rims to look like the original Bluesmobile.
    Screen shot from substance painter and some ref images of the black rims from the movie, and from https://www.classicautomall.com/vehicles/1194/1975-dodge-monaco-sedan

    Still WIP
  • magnusvfx
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    magnusvfx triangle
    Some updates.
    Did some minor changes to the geo and a lot of changes to the carpaint and the dirt/wear and tear. Still not happy with the texturing of the front bumper and tires geometry needs more work since they feel flat and not very interesting. 
    I will continue to adjust the textures and the geo. Since I only have a few hours at night during the week to work on it, it feels like it takes forever to get the model to look OK. 

    some reference images that I have used:

  • Sage
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    Sage polycounter lvl 15
    it looks great
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