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Need someone to animate 10 episodes of animation for 10 minutes

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Sanam9 null
I require an animator to animate and model a series of 7 characters, 3 cars, and structures for an animation series of ten episodes. I have screen plays can send character descriptions, I also have a contract ready to be signed. All work is to be done in 3-D and be high poly. The animater will rig the characters and props too. I am willing to pay a straight up fee of $100-200 for people to get this done. 
Those who are willing to work for free are welcome, novice and beginner artist looking for a job can also offer. They will work for free and if I like their work on this project I will offer a paid job for the next project I need people to work on. 

Contact me if interested at 
[email protected]


  • Shuruboro
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    Shuruboro polycounter lvl 5
    What is the fee for? Per series, per episode, per hour?
  • Ruz
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    Ruz sublime tool
    surely not 200 dollars for the whole ten episodes?
  • Shuruboro
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    Shuruboro polycounter lvl 5
    Yes, they are for the 10 episodes, he sent me a message to tell me  :)
  • Polysquid_Studios
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    Polysquid_Studios polycounter lvl 2
    Just wow... if You count the bills and time, it's almost slavery!
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