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[for hire] Concept Artist / Illustrator / 2D Art Lead with 11 years professional exp

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courtlandjw polycounter lvl 4
Most recently, I've been working on GridLight as Art Lead of BotSchool Inc. We just shipped the first chapter of that game as part of Hour of Code.

I have 11 years experience providing:
- Concept art
- Art leadership and world-building for game and film projects
- Illustration for polished promo materials
- 2D game assets and animation
- 3D concept sculpting (Oculus Medium) to help bridge the gap between drawing and model.
- Graphic design (several years of agency experience), UI design and assets

Currently available. Please email [email protected]

GridLight gameplay— provided all 2D assets, concept art for bot, texture assistance for bot model, animation concepts (keyframe for attack), UI design



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