Cyberpunk Baroque Bust

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Hello everyone! I'm ready to shake off some rust and make a new thing! My goal for this project is to tackle some things I've never done before like a realistic likeness, diving into more scifi and really trying to improve my presentations with better lighting. I wanna try and mix cyberpunk with some baroque designs, as I think it'd be fun and differnt.

So far I've got a basic blockout and trying to get general likeness and anatomy.

I'm thinking about leaving the back open to have exposed cybernetics, something like the live action ghost in the shell I think. Need to do a bit more concepting for that.

Anatomy so far

Here are some lighting tests, some of my older work is really timid with the lighting so I want to try and puch things a bit.

Face is referenced off of the model Godrey Gao, unfortunately I could fine only 1 image of him clean shaven, but I'm still gonna work with it. I might add stubble on my model later, undecided right now.

Crits and comments are always appreciated!


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