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3D max texture projection technique

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steelman90 polycounter lvl 4
Hello, i saw a post a while ago:
https://polycount.com/discussion/182135/usp-s-phobos   about a 3D max texture projection, it is very interesting but i was wondering if anyone can explain or video demonstrate this technique, taking a screenshot in Photoshop and do your art there, then go back to max and project it, basically if anyone can explain the whole workflow will be very helpful. the model used is a public model given by Valve, and it's already UV'ed so no need to UV anything. here is the mesh:

also, if anyone can explain how did the author manage to select accurate polygons without doing it manually? same as this photo   https://gyazo.com/5ba86b60ca485425be89e63e9cd19962


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