UE4 / Old laundry room work in progress

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just going to document what I am doing. So I can get feedback.
 The aim of this project is to make a realistic scene. 

started out with some basic block out.

Here am I make a basic mask in substance designer for tiles that i am creating using mixer 

after I was done in the mixer I did take it back to substance designer.
to make better roughness map and so on.

I did end up using the original normal map from a mixer. but I was able to use the new roughness and metallic with super low values.

Next, I did make base concrete painted in a mixer but it was not so good to change the colour value too much because it made it look super unrealistic.
I wanted to get a blue-green painted wall
 I did a basic window frame in substance painter. this is not the final version of the Window just starting out with this  and then I will keep adding 

creating the basic blend material. For now without roughness, metallic and Ao

Testing the blend.

Second block pass, just to get the main shapes in there with very basic primitives. 

Removing details and add new ones.

I think this is super smart  did not want to spend 100 hours make the drain inside of the bathtub so I used 
substance Alchemist to create quick PBR decal from a single photo.

Bathtubs inside of unreal. 

starting to look like something. probably need to add a roughness slider for the bathtubs. They are a way too shiny 

Modelling this weird looking dryer and going to do a low to high poly Bake  

Almost done with this- old dryer don't know if I am happy with it wanted it to look  scanned object.

I think the right now the green colour is too green in the scene so I will have to redo the wall texture.

Trying to get a a bit darker mood .

Creating Master Material For the assets 


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