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Power Tool Pistol

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ActionDawg greentooth
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A funky pistol modeled after the design language of power tools. Side loading, sort of like a P90.
The materials are dynamic - swappable in UE4 for skin options and tintable ingame by players.
Concepted and produced by me for an upcoming FPS.

The HP uses CAD style boolean operations with a combo of 3ds Max and Houdini. LP was done in Max. Texturing was done in Painter in a special way to prepare the asset for UE4 use with a custom material, similar to that used for the characters on Epic's Paragon. My material setup allows us to create new and unique tiers of skins in editor blended underneath handpainted scratches and grime. The material can scale the amount of wear and tear and has a spare blue texture channel for future decals at no extra cost.

All images rendered with raytracing in UE4

A sample of two variants: "Golden Gun", a special skin used for our gamemode of the same name. And "Radioactive", a fun higher tier skin.

Any and all feedback and thoughts are welcome!

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  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz quad damage
    Looks pretty badass. For the first shot though I think the clear plastic would catch a bit more light and the inner bullets wouldn't be quite so illuminated.
  • ActionDawg
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    ActionDawg greentooth
    Thanks! Good call, I probably should have manually brought down the mag internals brightness in the material. Unfortunately atm UE4's raytracer is limited to treating transparent objects as having either fully opaque shadows or none at all, so I had to opt for the latter. Would have loved to see some of the scratchy wear I painted cast shadows on the bullets!
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