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Hello there, and welcome to my absolutely random sketchbook. I doodle a lot in zbrush to scout for ideas for my next personal project. My focus is on characters. Some stuff never makes it past a day or two some stuff survives a week and then a finished piece is about 1 in 20. But I wanna make sure that each finished piece is the best it can be and those that don't get done, still great practice. Anyways, I always welcome critique so, if you see something that's not great, outstandingly awful or you might have a better approach. Feel free to post them.

Roight, these doodles took me a few hours each so, ya know. They are pretty awful.

doodle 1
Something post apocalyptic.
Doodle 2
Post apocalyptic weapon based from this concept set from Anton Kukhtytskyi
Doodle 3
Doodle 4
Ghoul sheriff boi. That sorry excue for an ear and hair. Bloody hell.

Doodle 5
Started from the mask ended up making a heist guy around it. Might be a bad guy might be a good guy. Probably gonna be a good guy, see the posing test.

Posing test for clowny boi
Them clippings tho

The next few posts are gonna be mainly about a soldier boi I started a few days ago. A more serious project I intend on finishing.

Thanks for taking the time to look.
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  • idkSteve
    Hello you beautiful person looking or reading this thread,

    I ended up reworking the character with the mask instead of the soldier. It ended up being a jester but gonna have some monk elements to it. Or not. I don't know yet, the jester as a base is certain and then I'll see what kinda other elements I wanna infuse into the design.

    Also made a random frog miniature that could be printed out and be used as an incense holder by replacing the fishing rod. It's a small little side project to break up working on bigger projects. I just really wanted to make a frog for some reason.

    Thanks for looking and have a glorious day, you absolutely awesome person!
  • idkSteve
    Hi amazing people of polycount.
    Small update and additions to the jester. The shoulder thing is a secret little thing and makes little to no sense at the moment but just wait for it. The cloth on the hand is gonna be reworked for sure. The happy mask on the waist is missing the rope, oh well.
    The balls going around is still a mystery and yet to be seen if they stay. I'm starting to lean towards a no at this point but who knows. Not me that's for sure.

    Thanks if you looked and you're interested in my stuff. If you're reading this, you are an absolutely awesome person and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep being you.
  • idkSteve
    Hey awesome people of polycount,

    More progress on the jester. Reworked some parts and played around with colours it's coming along and starting to make more and more sense in terms of design. Still a long way to go and will probably play around with different things in the coming days.

    Did a posing test to settle my brain a bit, let it breath, let it refresh and have some fun. I also find it benefical to get the model into different poses and scenarios and see which one works best with their personality. Tho I like to keep my work in that sweet spot where you can interpret the piece in multiple ways and get what you need or want from the piece. Don't mind the stretchy areas, this is a quick a dirty pose.

    Whoever is reading this, you're awesome and thank you for taking the time and interest. Remember to always be awesome to each other and keep being yourself.

  • idkSteve
    Long time no post, holiday time and other stuff. Made an alternative design for the jester. I combined it with pirate assets and clothing. Gonna include the previous design as well, and make different masks to have a small pirate crew. If there's time I might also make a ship for them. If not probably gonna have some wrecks and on the shore. I still don't know. Shoes/boots are so basic it annoys me but gonna change it tomorrow probably.

    Stay awesome people.
  • idkSteve
    Hello awesome people.

    I cleaned up the design so it doesn't have all those themes going on all at once. Also made a different mask for him. Gonna use the previous mask with the previous design. The shoes are still yet to be done. But the scuplting is getting close to being done now. Not really up to where I want it but gonna be focusing more on the textures to improve and get this char to life. Few tweaks here and there still in the design still. Planning on taking this char through a normal game character pipeline but also dip into some production pipeline with Mari and dive into some basic animation. Just to have more skills gathered up.
    So, currently the mask, shoes. weapons and the hat are what mainly in the uncertain phase where I'm still not a 100% conviced with them.

    Always, and I mean always stay awesome people.
  • idkSteve
    Hello there.
    I've done two short sketches to see how much I can actually get done within a small period of time.
    The first one was sculpted from one of my base meshes and spent about 45ish minutes to get it shaped up and create the props.

    The second took just over an hour and everything was made from a sphere.
    I started going into high details on and around the chin but then I started running out of time and didn't get the chance to finish off the rest of the face. Better planning and more time on the face rather than the props. The neck is meant to be a bit twisted but kinda looks wrong not gonna lie.

    The next post about the pirate jester is possibly the last one on the high poly. The project got stretched out way too long and should be in the retop phase now but oh well. Holiday and all that affected the amount of time I could spend on it.

    Stay awesome people and love each other.
  • idkSteve
    Added some polypaint to that short practice and an extra hand just cause I felt like doing it lol. So, it's more like an hour and a half project now.

  • idkSteve
    hello there,

    Spooktober is here and I finally got time on my hands to work on stuff again sooo, some spooky things are coming up and some less spooky but still festive.

    Pumpkin monster
    Started working on this yesterday evening and continued for a few hours today. Wanted to make this a shorter project but probably gonna take a bit longer with it and polish it up.

    Tiny witch
    Wanted to go back to my old roots and work on more stylized stuff. Very rough shapes and blockout sort of an end of the day little break sculpt. Small little project overall, so far I put a little over an hour into this. Gonna fix it up, polish here and there and then calling it done.

    Hope you like them, stay amazing people. Keep up all the good things you're doing! Woop Woop!

  • idkSteve
    Hi there,

    Some retop action in Topogun. The current retop is aiming to be fairly lp and then I'll get a higher res version as well.

    Some baking tests and material test as I go along
    Don't mind the broken parts lol and yeah the chain actually got baked down onto the arm. Wasn't expecting it turn out like that. Gonna be actual geo tho.
    Random Mats thrown on to check seams mainly.

  • idkSteve
    Hi there,

    Some stuff I've been working on. I have so many ongoing projects is crazy.

    Who's that super hero?!?

    Well of course, it's Grass Man!

    Half Skeleton Girl

    Some retop

    And I also decided to venture into some environment art again. Not sure where it's going or what it's gonna be but as you can see it's a half done blockout. I haven't done many gifs before and it's clear as day lol

    Stay awesome creatures of the universe!
  • idkSteve
    Hello awesome people,

    Sunday funday, light relaxed scuplting day. They obviously didn't take the whole day to make lol

    As always, be awesome to each other and keep being amazing!
  • idkSteve
    Hey there,

    I've done some environment stuff today. Materials, small assets and blocking out stuff. Everything is a work in progress. Really low poly assets, first I had a mobile enviornment in mind and then as I was working on the assets and the blockout I thought I might do both, have a lower poly version and a higher poly version.
    Small Cart
    The textures are place holders for now still a long way to go with them.

    Altar sorta thing

    A lot of issues yeah.
    The textures overall are kinda all over the place in terms of everything. I'm still getting a feel for the environment once I have a set path I'll get the colours and designs a lot closer to each so they fit into the same world.

    Rock material in substance designer
    I will make some adjusmenets to this because there are some issues with the 'waves' and how it doesn't quite feel right. Also, it's almost inbetween this stylized but not really state. Kinda reflects my state of mind when it comes to the blockout.

    Also spent some time setting up and getting a layered landscape material in place. Oh and the muddy ground is from a tutorial on youtube made in substance designer. Gonna modify it to fit the rock a bit more. The colours are just too all over the place here too.

    And the blockout at the moment.
    Awful angle.

    That's kinda it for the day. Tomorrow is gonna be something for sure, not quite sure what but something definitely. Very specific indeed.

    Keep being awesome everyone!
  • idkSteve
    Hey there,

    I had a few hours today for some texturing and low poly modelling action. I used the sacks from a previous project as place holders. I'll make something different tomorrow.

    HP for teddy
    I made this teddy bear with the jester character but never ended up using it with him so I decided to practice some retop and texturing.

    Retopped teddy
    some fixes could be done at the back of the legs but it didn't cause any issues during baking nor texturing so, for now it works.

    Low Poly assets
    The crate isn't optimised the best way possible yet. Definitely some errors in the topology but it didn't cause any issues during texturing.

    I messed up the floor tiling. For the first time I didn't pay attention properly to tiling and ended up failing hard lol.
    But meh, just threw it together for the render. I'm planning on creating a substance designer mat for it or a better mesh anyway.

    Stooaaaayyy, amazing!
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