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Water and sea problem

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Gikkio polycounter lvl 5

Hi friends! 
I hope to be able to explain my GREAT problem with substance painter.

I'm creating a TEST SCENARIO for  DIORAMA, a mesh is the bottom. Above is another mesh that is the sea.I set it as a water material METAL ROUGHT WITH ALPHA BLENDING. Added to the OPACITY texture set.

BUT I can't give transparency to water. If I add a bit of opacy the water mesh will DISAPPEAR in the viewport. How can I recreate a backdrop with clear water on it so that I see the bottom? I attach pictures from SX. the 2 mesh in blender, opacy 1 and opacy 0.9 
When opacity is 1 i can see the mesh of sea. BUT 1 for opacity is no opacity, of course. What wrong? What's the right method to make sea and sea bed?

thanks to who helps me.


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