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Animation question that has been giving me headaches

Brief question about a game character animation...
When do I use the Root controller, when do i use the master control?
People kept telling me to only use the root controller for everything, like walk cycles, attack animations etc.
When do I ever use the master control then, does it even move along in Unity later on?


  • MikeF
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    MikeF polycounter lvl 17
    It really depends what kind of game your'e making and what the character needs to do and how it interacts with the world. In a lot of cases root driven animation is overkill. Maybe give us some more details on what you're trying to accomplish and we can help narrow down what might work best for your case
  • weltraumimport
    Thank you! I'm trying to make a solid-feeling third person character controller in unity. I have a character to animate for that and i'm not sure if it's wiser to approach root animation or somehow do it over the master controller. The character's supposed to the standard action moveset, aka walk, run, turn, jump, climb, different combat attacks, etc.
  • Hito
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    Hito interpolator
    if you are unsure I would animate it as if you will use root motion. setup the rig with a root node controller if there isn't one, animate the root node controller and leave the master controller at 0,0,0. space switch the bind skeleton root node between the two controllers depending on whether you want to export root motion or not.
  • weltraumimport
    That helps out already thanks a lot!
    I think Root motion will be the best approach for the character in my case.
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