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Baldo by Naps Team

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Baldo by Naps Team

This game looks amazing. 


  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz sublime tool
    Very nice! Art style looks similar to games by Level 5 (Ni No Kuni especially).
    Kind of weird though how the main character seems to be perpetually smiling (even when he looks like he's about to collapse in the desert he's still smiling...)
  • kwyjibo
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    kwyjibo polycounter lvl 3
    Looks like an homage to studio ghibli.
  • Justo
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    Justo interpolator
    A studio ghibli / ni no kuni inspired game, nice.

    Still, I'll confess to this day I'm not quite satisfied with the cel-shaded look and moves for the characters in these kinds of games. I love the backgrounds (this game particularly, they look lovely), but the people living in them don't fit in at all with that style; they stick out but in the bad way. Add to that movement, and the end result looks hideous. 

    Arc-System Works though, now that's some good cel-shading. Best ones in the biz right now making those anime-inspired looks. 
  • tntcheats
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    tntcheats polycounter lvl 7
    Looks like they tried to follow every piece of advice Junya C Motomura gave during his GDC talk on GuiltyGearXrd down to keeping all the lines in the UV map square so that they don't suffer from artifacts from the antialiasing.

    I agree the backgrounds seem off. They're going for a handpainted look but there's something that makes it look like blurry textures that are supposed to look real. Maybe it's the hard edges, maybe it's too dark, or maybe they should have used a light map that gives it more painting-like, surreal lighting.
  • elementrix
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    elementrix polycounter lvl 12
    Saw this come by here

  • Marshal Banana
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    Marshal Banana polycounter lvl 13
    I like the idea of it, but the execution isn't super good, currently- mostly because it has that floaty, weightless feel to a lot of the elements like combat, levers, and such.

    @elementrix : Man, some folks have a really good eye.

    @PolyHertz : looks like he's just got a default expression for the whole of the trailer- hopefully they'll actually give him more, but we'll see
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