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Hey folks, this is a project i've been working away at for a few months now, and i'm happy to finally be sharing it

Our task was to create a mech based on a piece of concept art or an existing piece, so i took the Necron Seraptek from forgeworld and did my best to recreate it

Overall the mesh came out at around 85k triangles in total, which is a lot but most of it was necessary, though i feel some of it could be cut down and optimised

Modelled in Max, textured in substance painter - the bullet holes and battle damage was created using a procedural damage material i made inside of substance designer - and the final presentation is inside of UE4

Any feedback and Critique would be greatly appreciated, and i hope you like it!


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    Toku polycounter lvl 6
    Hey man nice piece, here are a few points:

    85k is pretty high for a model like this, but if it bakes down well it isnt a huge issue, noticed some jagged pixels (front shot of the cannon) this is probably because you have a UV Islanda t 45 degrees.  Can you post any shots of the high?

    Texturing looks OK , the weathering on the legs looks abrupt. The sand wouldnt really cake onto the legs like that, and there are convex areas which look like they have the most buldup. if this thing was walking through a sandstorm, there would be a buildup in the concave areas in the centre of the chassis, and buildup around the bottom of the legs. There are a lot of glowing parts inside the model which would probably have their own ambient lighting baked into it. you would probably have to set up point lights, baked them out and include them in the emissive channel of the shader.

    As for the composition this needs a lot of work, Looking at the first shot my eye automatically focused on the brightest point, which is the top of the spine which has a strong reflection, then I looked at the electric ball. It took me a few seconds to find the head and then the lack of contrast confused me as where to look next. Necron models can have paintjobs too, So I suggest changing the color of the head (even just subtly) so that it contrasts with the rest of the glowing parts and the viewer can focus on the subject. also,  what FOV did you use with the camera? the base looks flat and thereis a lot of wasted space used up by the base/void. Try raising the camera up  and tilting it down slightly to add more depth, or if you want to to look imposing, you should make the viewer feel like they are looking up at the monster, and not include the base. Try using different lighting scenarios to lead the eye around the model.
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