How do I add thickness to a Digital Elevation Model Plane? (Zbrush)

Hey guys, first post here, Ive been looking for a solution to this problem for a few days now and it's time to ask for help.

So I've used a texture map on a flat plane, inflated some cool texture from a height map.. and i want to 3d print it.

Problem is, the plane is like 1 pixel thin, I've closed the holes on it but its still wafer thin. If i try to extrude the back side it pulls the whole thing with it. 

-I have also tried drawing a BLACK border around my inserted image to try and make an even border i can maybe grab and pull backwards but thats proving to be difficult too.. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


  • musashidan
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    If it's a plane then it doesn't have a back side. The normals can only face in one direction. It is infinitely thin in 3d space. Does that sound printable in the real world? :)

    You will have to use a solid mesh as the base. A thin cube.
  • Benjammin
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    Here's a solution I've been using for working with photogrammetry meshes:
    1. Store Morph target.
    2. Move your mesh down and scale it to be pretty much flat. 
    3. Switch Morph target back to your original.
    4. Create Difference mesh.

    You should now have a solid mesh. When working with photogrammetry I tend to dynamesh and zremesh to clean up topology, because I need to UV and project, but these steps might be unnecessary for 3D printing.
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