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[WiP] A Pilgrim's Mountain Journey: A Material Blending Project

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Daniel_Swing ngon master
I recently started my exam project at FutureGames. I'm focused around texture creation in Substance Designer and the end goal of this project is to create an exterior environment with major focus on the materials.
Unlike making a single material and posting it to my ArtStation, I want this project to be more cohesive - all the materials need a the same style, matching colors, etc, so that it can be used in the same scene. It's one thing to make one Substance Designer graph work in it's own vacuum and make a cool render on a sphere in Marmoset - it's something completely different to make a cohesive set of materials.

Here's what inspired me, from Joshua Lynch's ArtStation: You can see several matching materials blended together into a piece of art - No 3D models in focus or essential for the scene to work - just the materials.

So I'm going to do basically the exact same thing: A bunch of materials blended together, where I can show that I can create several materials with matching color schemes, roughness values, etc and carry a scene with it.

These are some of my reference images that I'm looking at:

Ignoring the foliage, I'm looking to make Cliff Rocks, Rubble, Dirt, Mud, etc. in Substance Designer (aiming to keep it 100% Substance Designer) and then blend them together, making a "pilgrim's mountain journey" scene.


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