Sacred Spring (Done!)

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JamieRead greentooth
Hi everyone,

Time for a new project! This time I will be creating a small, painterly diorama of a magical, sacred spring :)

The idea for this piece came from a concept by Sephiroth Art (check out his other works too, they're really good).

Originally I was just going to recreate this, exactly as shown. But after a little more thought, I decided I wanted to create something with some ornate detail and to increase the magical feeling. Here's what I found:

With these new inspirational reference images by a lot of other fantastic artists, I did a quick (rough) paintover of what I will now create:

This will be sculpted in Zbrush, painted in 3D Coat and presented in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Follow my progress over the coming weeks! :)



> Check it out on my Artstation for full breakdown and Marmoset Viewer file! <


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