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[FINISHED] Stylised WonderWoman, Concept by 구윤형

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NinjaSocks keyframe
Going for a Disney/frank frazetta look with this one. My goal is to give the costume a bit of a barbarian-esk look but still stay true to the concept and also I like the way disney characters look simple but make up for it with weight and form so i'm trying to go for that as well...

So here is the concept i found on instagram. Link to the artist's profile : https://www.instagram.com/yh_ku/

Tpose sculpt (first time taking hard-surface stuff seriously) feel like i learned a ton with this :)

Most of the retopo is done.. the hair will be used as a base for creating haircards later-on. Does anyone know how to hide mesh lines of pieces which are sitting slightly below the surface of another mesh piece?? at first i thought it was a backface showing through issue but its not :/ 

Posed her up with transpose master and decided to add some vague muscle detail (really want to get into anatomy more after this!) The rope ended up being way harder than i thought..

I decided to give her a pissed off expression cos it looked tougher and i like how she's looking more hardcore and less petit as the concept suggests..

 TEXTURING UP NEXT!! substance adventures here I come :D


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