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Chaos of creation - what should I focus on to model next?

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Hello! I came here for some advice from polycount community (captain obvious).

So basically I am props modeler, environment artist or 3d problem solver (pick one or more).
And currently when I have study graduation ( not art school just general IT one) I am on the stage of building my portfolio to get to the game industry.

So far all clear? Good (if that sound like I am jerk then - bad)


I love modeling, designing kind of medieval fantasy props and really I can spent like 8 - 12 hours a day to creating something what I want. It's not stylized work, not photorealistic, just kind of realistic slightly stylized like in games like Witcher, Risen, Dark souls. I think every artist creates stuff that he/she likes.

But ...
Is what I like or even love give me a job?
For example let's say that in my country or closest city ( 300 km) are companies which mostly do FPS ( nowdays, interwar period) and probably HR stuff there don't want to see my barrels or taverns but weapons, hydrant, set of nowdays furniture or buildings.

And I find myslef in situation where when I creating something out of my comfort zone it takes more difficult to sit and creating ( kind of procrastination, I spend then mostly 3 hours a day or I can even miss all day struggling with something else) - In my previous real student class work or on practices (in visualization vr company) I gave my 100%.

What can you suggest then?
My 1st plan was fullfiling my portfolio with stuff what I like and in next order when I pick specific company to apply my CV then 1-2 month before focus on that what they make for example they making tanks and I have only medieval wooden stuff so In two month I try to focus on metal materials and try build one tank.

Is there a right question for this? What kind of advice could you give me? I really appreciate if you read and understand all my engrish :) Thanks


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