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[UE4] Modular Ruins Environment

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kimmokaunela ngon master
Hi all. Once again I´m making yet another personal environment project. I got this idea from my previous projects where I needed to make some rock walls. I really liked to make those and I never really did any ruins before so I wanted to weld all of these ideas into this. Also I want to learn more about static lighting because I only know the basics so I want to go more advanced level.

My style is going to be something similar to Uncharted games but I still want to keep my own style. Not photogrammetry level of realism so more or less stylized. Also I would really want to mix some scifi/alien ideas there but I´m not really sure about that yet.

Goal is to end up with a library of different assets that allows anyone to create ruins or similar. So LODs, colliders and good second UVs for every asset. Also I would really like to run this in VR smoothly so I´m going to keep shader complexity reasonable.

My tools for this is again 3ds max for modeling, Zbrush for detail stuff, Substance Designer for most of the texturing, Photoshop for different things like icons/paintings and Unreal Engine for everything else. I also want to think how to use Houdini for some aspects because I´m really liking it and messing with that.

This project will not be huge because I don´t really have free time because Planetrism game project is eating all of that but I treat this like an escape project to avoid burning out with that :)

I will keep you up-to-date with everything and I will also now stream this as much as possible here:
Also I will tell when I´m streaming on my twitter https://twitter.com/kimmokaunela



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