Photoscans and PBR Materials

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I recently tried the photoscanning workflow out and it is alot of fun.
I am going to implement it into my pipeline for making game ready materials.

Here are some examples of my latest works:

This one is not game ready, it was my first try using photoscan.
It is rendered in Marmoset using a 16k texture. My friends don't believe me it is 3D. Afterwards, I show them the detail lighting :D


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    Finnn polycounter lvl 2
    Tileable PBR Material  rendered im Marmoset
    I made this gravel sideway from photos I made. Here is a brief descriptino of my workflow:

    How to make PBR Materials from photos

    1. Take photos with lighting as diffuse as possible
    2. Use photoshop to process the images. (White Balance)
    3. Use Substance Designer to make them tile.
    4. Blend two sets of photos together using a handmade mask to create variety and hide the tiling of both
    5. Create the normal, roughness and AO maps
    6. Create Color Variation using multiple gradient maps blend with min or max lighting
    7. Create Height Map with soft clouds blended in for variation
    8. Render the Material

    Full Material in Marmoset

    Full Material in Marmoset
    Diffuse Lighting in Marmoset

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