Elven Horsey, (now finished!) C&C always welcome

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Heya dewds and dudettes!
Just finished the high poly sculpt of the piece i've been wanting to finish for a while now, and finally got the time to get back to it. First i wanted to make it just low poly hand painted, but then decided to step up my game with sculpting with mainly Blizzardish style and give it a little of my own flavor (i hope). I plan to do the retopo and textures also. I added some extra parts and changed some existing, but kept the main spirit of it alive, while leaving the stylized anatomy without getting to out of the way of the real life anatomy. I would really appreciate some objective critiques and comments if possible, thanks in front!! 

I call him The Truculent Breath------->This is the main ref from Botos Vlad: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Eb8kA

other ref:


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