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Marmoset Toolbag 3 Normal Baking to Substance Painter - Normals not displaying properly

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Keiko polycounter lvl 5
Hi everyone just a quick question, hope you can help me on this. So I baked a normal map via MT3 and was displaying nicely (see image 1) but then when I import the normal map to Substance Painter 2017, the normals are not displaying correctly and as crisp as on MT3, (Image 2 A and B)  does anyone know what the proper setting to make the normals compatible and look the same with both? Also, another step I did was before I bake the mesh in Marmoset Toolbag 3, I changed its tangent space to Mikk/xNormal, then proceed to bake the normals. I also use the Unity preset in Substance Painter, and its looking crisper and similar to MT33, however, there are some artifacts there, which doesn't show on MT3 (Imag 3).  Thanks.
image 1
 image 2 A

Image 2 B

Image 3 with Unity Preset

and this is what it looks like on MT3


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