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[COMPLETE] Fear Machine

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slanky vertex
January 4, 2018

The origins of Vel'Koz have always been undisclosed, so I thought it would fit nicely for him to be human working with a mysterious band of thieves and merchants named the Brotherhood. He and his partner, Shan, are known for retrieving Hextech artifacts from Zaun and Piltover, mainly because Vel has a unique way of deconstructing the devices.

I thought a lot about what kind of origin Vel'Koz should have, and I settled on him being originally human because of the endless possibilities the Void presents. I wanted his transformation to feel similar to Kassadin's; they both were exposed to the Void, and they both came out transformed. I thought about the implications of the parallels between the two characters but realized that there are these kinds of parallels spread a lot throughout the League universe. Different characters connect with each other in various, and sometimes ambiguous, ways. For example, Lucian's quest is directly based around the Shadow Isles and Thresh, but his bio doesn't show how he relates to Demacia in any way. He may be from there, but that's not where his story to destroy Thresh is based. He must connect with Demacia in some way, but we--as the audience--do not know how. I used this reasoning to create Vel's origins. We aren't really sure where he comes from, just that he roams the world looking for organisms to deconstruct. Maybe the device mentioned in my story was part of Viktor's Glorious Evolution? I wanted the answer to this question to remain unanswered as to fit with the overall lore of the League universe: there are a lot of unanswered questions.

When I first wrote this story about a month ago, I had the thing that Vel and Shan were after be a piece of data from a computer. I began to conceptualize how the use of computers, cyber-security, and the likes of data retrieval made sense in the League universe. There isn't much mention of this kind of technology within the universe, so I decided to veer away from it in favor of Hextech devices instead. Especially for the area where the story takes place (Zaun), I felt that Vel having to deconstruct a Hextech device of unknown origins made sense. More so than him having to hack into a computer to "deconstruct" the information that the Brotherhood needed. 

I'm going to continue to edit and change things around as the contest's end date nears. I'm currently sitting at 1,065 words, so I want to cut it down to an even 1,000 or lower.  I'll log any changes I make here!


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