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Just finished my piece and turned it in, phew! I wrote about Elementalist Lux, which is to this day one of my favorite skins. It transforms Lux into a powerful Queen and mage, fighting a losing war against gigantic monsters. It's a skin both beautiful in game and rich with narrative potential, and I took it from an angle where Lux had discovered the first inklings of her power in her youth and then jumps into her furious struggle against the beasts that destroyed her Kingdom. 

Edit: Whoops, forgot to post the whole piece... It's attached!


  • TeacupLemonade
    Here's a little snippet of what I'm proudest of with my submission! I was trying to condense a lot of context into a couple of paragraphs, and I think I did a pretty good job of it, if I do say so myself. 

    It only took one wave of fighting to destroy the royal army. The second wave of creatures had been to wreak havoc upon the land, to tear down the proud buildings and batter through the walls, sending citizens wailing through the streets with naught but their lives and fresh horrors in their minds. The elemental beasts had overwhelmed her home; the elderly mages too old to fight, the young ones too frightened, too inexperienced. Garen had long been sent away to fight in foreign lands, too far away to have even gotten word of their unfortunate plight. And their Queen, Lux herself...she had heeded the warnings too late, so obsessed with taming her elemental magic, honing her light and hunting the darker powers to corners of her consciousness, too fearful of her own abilities to truly use them.

    Only smoke and embers left now. There is nothing left for her to harm, nothing left for her to protect. A tattered cloth, carried on the wind, flares with old elemental magic as it drapes itself across her arm. It lightens with her family crest and then wreaths itself in flame, scattering ashes to the wind. Something twists in her heart, hideous and bitter. 

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