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     This short story will be based on Ahri and Xayah encountering one another, and how two similar beings can view the same world in a positive or negative light.
     Rakan will not be in this story because I feel as though he distracts from the actual theme and transform it into something else. "Monsters" will take place very soon after the short story, "Garden of Forgetting".
     I wanted to write this story because I find viewpoints and perspectives very interesting, and these two characters just happen to have two very different opinions on the human world that surrounds them and is constantly changing their culture.
     Next I will be working on gathering references of Xayah/Ahri, human vs. vastayan culture, and a quick brainstorm/rundown of how I want the short story to go. Afterwards, I'll begin the drafting process.
     I hope you enjoy.


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