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Hello polycount community, I have some questions for any 3d environment artists and concept artists out there.

I'm interested in working as a 3d environment artist in the video game industry, also interested in concept design and how that translates over to an environment and all the assets that make up that environment.

Considering the vast amount of resources online these days I'm a bit unsure of where my time and money would be best spent in learning this specific field and my aim here is to narrow down my options to create a clearer path to help me focus on developing the skills necessary to work in this industry and develop a laser focused portfolio tailored to the game studios I would like to work for so i have a better chance of starting my career.

I've studied 3d environment modeling for about 3 months at FuturePoly under Jason Stokes (lead environment artist for Guild Wars). Was a great experience, opened my eyes to game dev and it's where i realized what i wanted to do for a career. However that school is no longer around and I want to continue to learn and develop my portfolio to a professional level.

For those of you working in the industry, where would you recommend learning online? If you had to do your education over again knowing what you know now what would you do? 

The studios I would most like to work for are Valve, Bungie and Blizzard. To help narrow down the art style and skill level i'm aiming for.

Any advice or insights into this would be very appreciated and helpful.



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