Star Wars 1995 "Dark Forces" Level 1 Fan Remake

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Howdy all! So to be blunt, I am a HUGE Star Wars NERD!!!!! With Disney's acuisition and subsequent "milking" of the franchise after years of my inner nerd child being horribly neglected I have been enjoying a bit of Star Wars nirvana over the last couple of years. Last year, myself and several friends indulged our nerd fantasies by finishing our Mos Eisley UE4 fan project. You can read about that one here:

So I am probably a glutton for punishment, but myself and a few others have moved on to yet another Star Wars personal side project. Why??? you ask??? Well, because I am, as I mentioned above, a "SUPER NERD" and a bit of a masochist!!! Also there is some more UE4 stuff we are trying to learn that we didn't get to touch on with the last project. So what is our new project??? Well, we are "re-mastering" if you will the 1st level of the classic 1995 Dark Forces FPS. What is Dark Forces you ask???? Well, for those of you who are old like me, and were gamers in the early to mid 1990's, You will most likely remember a ground-breaking little game called DOOM that came out in 1993. Well, 2 years after that, Lucasarts released the First ever Star Wars 1st person shooter using the Doom engine call Dark Forces. Being a Super star Wars & gaming Nerd, I still remember the feeling of gitty joy I had playing that game, and a quick search on the internet reveals lots of people who held those same feelings for that game. So we have taken it upon ourselves to do a fan remake of the 1st level of that game, complete with story and gameplay. ( which is what our Mos Eisley project lacked ) For those of you who are unfamiliar with the original Dark Forces, here is  Wikipedia page, and a youtube video of the original game:

So I have only been working on it for about a month and a half so far, and like the Mos Eisley project I only get to work on this in my spare time, which I don't have a lot of, but mine and the other's attention spans "SHOULD" hold out long enough to finish it. This one should go a bit quicker than the last project, especially since we have a TON of assets we can steal from the Mos Eisley project.

So here are some screen shots of progress so far ( these are just 3ds Max viewport screen shots as we don't have anything in Unreal yet )
Take a look if you get a free minute and please let us know what you think. Everyone's feedback and encouragement got us through several rough patches on the last project, and we are excited to hear what  you have to say about the new one as it progresses.

Thanks everyone, and happy nerding!!!!!!
"Star Wars is breath! Star Wars is LIFE!!!"


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