[UE4] Been working on an ice shader; looking for feedback

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Edit: Final shader:


Greetings polys, as the title says I want to improve on the following ice shader:

And here it is animated for clearer parallax and SS effects (apologies for the huge gif size):

I was trying to achieve convincing cracks in the ice and give it depth, this is my main reference:

I would really love some feedback to improve on this shader as it's my first time doing something more complicated than 3 texture samples plugged into their respective slots.
I'm also interested if this sort of thing is worth popping on the portfolio after it's done, or is it better to only have finished environments (this will probably be included in a scene... eventually)

I will now talk about the process I used, and I like to talk a lot, so feel free to skip the next reply if you're not interested, otherwise would love some notes on fixing/improving it.

TL;DR: Ice good ? how can better ?


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