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Hellboy - Anung Un Rama

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Zalkan polygon
Hello everyone ! I wanted to share with you my latest work about Hellboy in his "Anung un Rama" Form
I always loved Mignola's work and wanted to give my vision of the Anung un rama version of him, wich can be seen briefly in the comics.

At first, I created this model for the #AngelsAndDemonsChallenge on Sketchfab, rendered unshaded for better fidelity with Mignola's Art (see below)
Then i wanted to make a "real" rendered version of it, so i putted my hands inside Renderman and here it is.

I used Substance painter for the texturing part and Zbrush and Maya for the sculpt/modeling, topogun for the topology.

I really hope you’ll like it, and feel free to comment !

Cheers !




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