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Castle Remnants in the Forest [WIP] UE4

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A new scene I am working on in UE4. Consolidating my tileable workflow , procedural texturing, and the things I learned from my last project.

Below is a image I Photoshopped really quickly as inspiration for some of the key components of the scene and some of the texturing.

I am going for an overcast mood, with a majority of the light being hidden by the trees. I want the bounce light from the trees to be strong. 

The main goals of the scene will be to : 
Create a modular kit of the scene with a couple of variations for each piece.
Use only Procedural textures and tileables= NO UNIQUE TEXTURES (Other than Foliage atlas)
No maps over 2k.
Improve realism of my lighting.

My deadline will be in 1 week to finish and start doing my final lighting bake.


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