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Can't install TexTools....Win 10 64bit...3ds Max 2017 SP3

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quyeno polycounter lvl 10

I'm trying to install TexTools but it not working.  Installed Roadkill first then dragged the mzp into the Max viewport but getting the circular 'prohibited' cursor.  I've unpacked the mzp and ran the .ms script and got instructions on how to install it manually but I think the instructions are out of date as the temp file location to copy the scripts to isn't found in Win 10.  Odd thing is when I downloaded the .mzp, the icon was a blank white 'sheet of paper' icon.  It wasn't until I associated WinRar to it that it changed to the usual icon.  But regardless it's not installing.  Any help would be great.



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    I installed TexTools on Win10 x64 on Max 2017 SP3 as well without any problem. Did you try to run Max as admin? If not mistaken that will allowed you to drag n drop the mzp to the viewport or try from the Scripting > Run Script.
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