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*latest images 

Recently I went to Central Java and Yogyakarta Indonesia, 
you can take look some of my pictures here https://plus.google.com/+ArifPribadistuffs/posts/Eyr9j3qwQ13

so I use this chance to take tons of pictures for photogrammetry,
I posted some of my older stuff on  this Polycount thread, since I got a lot of images and data recently , and
so many raw pictures still unprocessed I decided to make my own thread here

I still practicing on how to get maximum quality with my poor laptop ( since I am still in the middle of relocating here and there atm )  hopefully I ll get my desktop soon :(

All of this rendered in Marmoset 3

any C&C are welcome,  and for someone who are experienced with this stuff, I have small question., what is the best method to reduce shadows?


Lion Statue ? - candi mendut area

Demon Statue - Candi Mendut

Wall Ruin - Ratu Boko Ruin 


more simple process and method than hero objects,. :) 

Pine Forest Tiling Ground texture - Central Java , Indonesia

Rock Cliff -  it was actually madmade but I modified it on Substance Designer 

Cement ? Rock Cliff ( manmade ) original from our backyard ( this one is non tiled ) 

this is my older stuff last year, 
tree trunk obviously quite interesting subject to start  learning photogrammetry 


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