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rgbeard polycounter lvl 4
Hi my name is Alexander Samuelsson.
I have been on Polycount for about 6 months now and this creative hub is really great! 
So I want to take part in more things here, like the sketchbooks.
I mostly focus on environments (2d,3d and textures).

I am looking for feedback and a place to put things that might be hard to post elsewhere. 
So if you have any crits please do tell me ((:.

This is the most recent thing I have made.

Thanks to @bradhb3d and his awesome youtube tutorial about tileable textures (https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNgs2DcAsF4).
Normal and height done in zbrush and just some fast albedo/rough in substance designer but will continue Brads series and do the passes in photoshop.


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