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Final notes:
This contest has been a great experience using Handplane for the very first time. I did have some issues with my bakes which could have been remedied by spending more time tweaking values. Overall I spent maybe only 1 hour (including all baking time) in order to generate maps from my high polys without using cages. The results were very similar to what I’d achieve in my normal workflow baking through Substance. Programs used include: Blender, Handplane, Substance Painter, and Sketchfab for rendering. Final low poly tri count was 1,972 and high poly used for baking was 5,780,619 tris.

Final renders:

Wireframe: 1,972 tris


Handplane Pros:

  • Website documentation is not super detailed for troubleshooting issues but was more than enough to get my test bake started within minutes of installing.
  • Overall fairly intuitive UI
  • Fast bakes
  • Ability to save out bake projects
  • Projection groups are great
  • Material presets super handy
  • Setting ray distance per project group and per object

Handplane Requests:

  • Enable/disable project groups instead of deleting them for when you want to test just one group without having to reload a new project.
  • Would like to lock width to height ratio in output tab
  • Being able to ctrl+A to select items in text field for easier deletion
  • Ctrl + S to save and to better highlight save/load buttons
  • Tab to go through input fields
  • Clearer denotation that changes in the model's ray offset overwrites the projection groups (Ran into an issue of forgetting to re-adjust individual's model offset to the projection group's when testing bakes)
  • Drag and drop mesh into interface to assign models
  • Have a method to preview bitmaps and bitmaps applied to a mesh
Original Post:
I've never used hand plane before so this would be the perfect chance to start! Late to the contest but hopefully I'll be able to finish by the end of the day.

References: Stanley 9 1/4 handplane


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