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Handpainted graveyard 2.5D Style.

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AntonioNeves polycounter

I'm here to share with you guys a small scene that I'm going to do, all handpainted in 2.5D style, like we see in Diablo 3 and Battle chasers, League of legends etc...... I like this kind of art because we can see much more details without spend much polygons. The angle of the camera is 30 degrees and the FOV is 35, we still have a little bit of perspective, I dont like totally isometric. the objects need to be a plane slightly bent to work nicely with the camera movment, it needs to show a little of the side, but i'm still testing I will post some breakdowns later! :)

I started with some props, but this is just a sample to see how the elements looks together, many thing will change until the end so, let me know if you like it! :)

About the lore, it's something very simple....


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