Building Better Busts - LOTOR Inspired

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Alemja polycounter
Hey everybody! I finished up some freelance that was taking up my spare time and I'm back to making some portfolio pieces.

I'm creating a few busts with the hope of learning some new techniques and tools I've never messed with before and try to push myself to get into some smaller details I normally gloss over.
I'll be making 3, an Orc, "Undead" and Elf, all kind of Lord of the rings inspired and all using the same base mesh to try and simulate how some characters are made in studios. Here are some loose concepts with references of what I'm going for. I may modify the designs as I progress is something isn't working.

Going for a bit of a Lord of the Rings styles, hoping to make them look grounded in reality.

Here are the meshes, currently all of them are at subdivision level 2, trying to focus on larger anatomical shapes before I get further

Critiques and feedback gladly accepted


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